Dunja Zivanovic has been involved with the Summer Academy as a trainer since 2012. She is an active member of the Pool of Trainers of the European Federation for Intercultural Learning, designing and delivering intercultural learning related training for educators, staff and volunteers of the international network of AFS, the oldest international exchange organization in the world. She obtained her PhD from Belgrade University, Serbia, where she did a research project related to intercultural and linguistic competence in the context of internationl student mobility. She currently works as a teacher at the same university, and as an organizational development coordinator at AFS Serbia.

Dunja Zivanovic

Rocio is an experienced trainer and facilitator, with vast experience working with volunteers and education. Her field is intercultural learning, global citizenship and sustainability. She holds a Psychology degree, with postgraduate experience on psychology of work, organizations and reasearch. Rocio is chilean and currenly based in Santiago. She is pasioned for yoga, cicling, and knowing different cultures.

Rocio Miranda


Jana Holla is a freelance intercultural trainer and consultant with a background in cultural anthropology. Her trainings focus primarily on cross-cultural competence building and diversity management; combining experiential learning with the latest multidisciplinary theories on culture and cognition. Jana is based in Cairo, Egypt, and works predominantly in the Middle East and Europe. She currently published her first book on intercultural competence practice in study-abroad context. Jana also lectures at the Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt – her PhD thesis examined the self-other perception and identity among Downtown Cairo’s youth. Jana’s been involved with the Summer Academy since 2011.

Jana Holla

Track 2

Monika Izabela Wisniewska Bachelor in Fine Arts, Master in International Cooperation and NGO Management, CELTA English teacher, SALTO certificated Trainer, and member of the Strategic Partnership on Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship of Erasmus+ National Agencies. She has a broad experience in the educational sector as well the formal as informal one, having worked countries, such as: Netherlands, Ecuador and Spain. Since 2008 she is running her own non-profit in the rural area of the Tiétar Valley (Spain). She is a vocational trainer enjoying working very much with young people and those who are curious, young in spirit and willing to leave a positive and sustainable footprint in our society for the sake of all. Education is not only about the past and the present but is definitively about the future and how we want to design it!

Monika Izabela Wisniewska

Thanakon Tiwawong works as a cultural mediator for the Austrian parliament, a licensed tourist guide and a freelance interpreter for Thai, German, English, Czech and Slovak language in Vienna, Austria. In 2004 -2005 he participated an AFS year programme the Czech Republic. He holds a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia and a master degree in International Relations and Conflict Management at the University of Constance, Germany, both as a government scholarship holder. He has many years of experiences in delivering trainings in both Europe and Asia.

Thanakon Tiwawong

Pam Ex is a US trainer building global leadership skills in scholars and executives in the Americas, Europe, India and Africa. She specializes in cross-cultural competence and career transitions in government, multinational corporations, universities and NGOs. She has presented at international conferences and written articles and web content.

She was an AFS student to Brazil and currently volunteers for in-person and web training for alumni to incorporate their international experience in university and job applications. Pam has a BA in Sociology and an International MBA. She lives in Washington, DC, speaks Portuguese and Spanish, has visited 62 countries and cultivates a worldwide network.

Pam Ex

Track 1

Dr. Anthony Teitler

Anthony Teitler was awarded his PhD from the Institute of the Americas, University College London (UCL). His doctoral research examined US policy towards Afghanistan from the Soviet intervention to the end of 2014 and used a constructivist theoretical framework to achieve its objectives. Anthony has travelled widely in a professional capacity – including the Middle East and Afghanistan – where he has worked on research projects that involved extensive field research and analysis. He is currently adjunct head of the IR and PPE programs at the Karlshochschule International University and a visiting lecturer at the University of Buckingham. In his research, Anthony focuses on international relations theory, philosophy of social science, intercultural studies and foreign policy.

Prof. Dr. Francisco Javier Montiel Alafont

Francisco Javier Montiel Alafont, born in Madrid (Spain), studied Hispanic Philology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Marketing at the Instituto Europeo de Estudios Superiores (IEES Madrid) and Intercultural Business Communication at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. He holds a Doctorate (Ph. D.) in Intercultural Business Communication (also at the FSU Jena). His dissertation deals with the History of advertisement as cultural history. His work in Spain focussed on two different areas: Prof. Dr. Montiel initially worked in the area of advertisement, marketing and sales (ML Asociados Publicidad, Madrid; Libérica Editores Barcelona/Madrid). Later on, he became a lecturer for Spanish at High School level as well as for Spanish for specific purposes in collaboration with specialised language academies. He has moved to Germany at the beginning of this century and is a Professor for Intercultural Business Communication at the Karlshochschule International University since March 2012. From 2009 till 2011 he held a position as Substitute Professor for Intercultural Business Communication at the Department of Economics of the HAW Hamburg (University of Applied Sciences) and formerly he was engaged for several years as research associated at the Department for Intercultural Business Communication of FSU Jena. Prof. Dr. Montiel’s research activities cover a wide spectrum of topics like intercultural training / intercultural competence; Spanish culture and economy; cultural history of advertisement; Place-Branding and collective identity construction; diversity and diversity management; critical cosmopolitanism. His comprehensive experience as the head of the Spanish Cultural Area division at the intercultural training and consulting organization interculture.de can be highlighted. In association with interculture.de he developed and carried out numerous training sessions for large corporations as well as SMEs and public institutions and contributed to develop innovative programmes of intercultural competence in blended learning environments.

Dr. Ella Salome Roininen

Dr. Ella Salome Roininen is a lecturer and researcher of diversity and inclusion, gender, culture and social dynamics. He specific interest lies on cultural representations of difference. That is, the ways we position ourselves and other people in relation to society’s norms, and give meanings to people’s different backgrounds, aspirations and characteristics. Ella encourages her students to investigate these topics from various perspectives, such as, identities, interaction, working life, policies and media, and to draw parallels to equality and inclusion in society. Ella holds a Doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of St. Gallen HSG, Switzerland. Her master’s and bachelor’s degrees Ella completed in international management in France, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Ella’s as well international working experience covers technology and communications, publishing, education and event management, travel and hospitality, health care, banking, retail and real estate sectors. Before being nominated Professor of International Management withe specific focus on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion at Karlshochschule, Ella set up her own education agency in Helsinki, worked at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland as the Director for the Institute for International Management, and eight years at IBM Switzerland managing global teams. Ella is an enthusiastic and widely learned lecturer, with assignments and partners from the business, academic and non-profit community worldwide.

Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr

Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr worked in various advisory and managing functions in government as well as an executive in the energy business. He was founder and entrepreneur of the companies Yello Strom and vm-people, before he changed into academia. He holds the chair in “Interpretive Management Science and Epistemology” and – after serving as president of Karlshochschule International University for many years – currently acts as head of the study program im International Relations. He obtained his PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Tübingen after finishing his studies in Political Science, Law, Administrative Science and Management.